How we strive to have impact

Design Exemplars

We show the potential impact interaction and service design can have on key societal issues.


We develop open-source software which allows a broad range of people to build and improve the outcomes further.

Open Access

We create and freely distribute design tools and toolboxes, which can be used by citizens, companies and public administration to support their innovation and social innovation projects.


We initiate and facilitate processes of co-design and co-creation, in which external stakeholders – particularly vulnerable segments of the populations – can have their say as regards key societal issues.

Permanent Networks

We support the creation and maintenance of permanent networks and working groups for societal change.

White Papers & Policy Briefs

We produce technology, policy briefs and reports aimed at a larger public.

We are a carbon-neutral company and reinvest our profits into forestry management projects, preservation and restoration of natural environments.